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Go home, Tennessee history, you’re drunk

From John Sevier’s (Tennessee’s first governor) Wikipedia entry:

“Following his inauguration, [John] Sevier encountered [Andrew] Jackson in Knoxville, and an argument ensued in which Sevier accused Jackson of adultery for his marriage to Rachel Donelson. An enraged Jackson challenged Sevier to a duel, which Sevier accepted. The duel was to take place at Southwest Point, but Sevier’s wagon stalled at Campbell’s Station en route to the duel. As Jackson returned to Knoxville, he encounted Sevier’s entourage. The two loudly exchanged insults, and Sevier’s horse ran away, carrying his pistols. Jackson pointed his pistol at Sevier, who hid behind a tree. Sevier’s son pointed his pistol at Jackson, and Jackson’s second pointed his pistol at Sevier’s son. Members of both parties managed to resolve the incident before bloodshed took place.”

It will never not be hilarious how many of this country’s founding fathers either killed each other or tried to in duels. Some of them were a little more competent than this, though.


Go on, get rhythm

This weekend at the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion I have seen…



and so many more, and I am so happy. My only disappointment is I didn’t spend any time in The Happiest Place on Earth (a.k.a. Java J’s) because it was always packed. (But good for them, though!)  Monday morning, though, I return to D.C. and reality (for the moment).

I want a gigantic grandpa bass to jump and flail around on. I think that just might be my instrument. I have enough energy for it.

NOTE: Videos not mine and not even from Bristol, but they’re good ones, aren’t they?

Mountain Music Hijinks

It’s a rare trip south that I don’t find more new music I like than I could ever afford. The southern Appalachians’ wealth of traveling acts and NPR stations willing to promote them is an untapped resource. It’s not anything you’ll ever hear over the airwaves anywhere else.

Try these links to a few such songs (or some of the  artists in general below them):

The Elders, “American Wake”

Ellis Paul, “Snow in Austin”

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, “Home” (or the entire album, actually)

The New Familiars (I’m a Last.fm top listener! Figures! But there’s no free preview of my favorite songs there, unfortunately.)

Hoots and Hellmouth

Far from the mountains? You can still listen online to lots of artists not mentioned here:

“East Tennessee’s Own” WDVX (89.9 Clinton, 102.9 Knoxville).

WETS (89.5 Johnson City, TN).
(Sadly, this one has changed their weekday schedule to a news format, but weekends are still filled with amazing blues, americana, and mountain music.)

Whichever you try, best not to be near an Amazon or iTunes one-click purchase source when you do if you’re on a budget.