Mesdames, messieurs, bonjour. genaverse vous souhaite la bienvenue à bord du train…

“I was born. Mistakes were made. More to come.” – Gena

Gena is an avid Francophile, an 18th century history nut, and always just a glass of wine away from being tricked into an amateur taping of Drunk History by her “friends.” She likes to read and write about famous dead people and very old places. She grew up in rural West Virginia, has lived in five states plus the District of Columbia, and has visited five countries outside the U.S. After blowing all her money on the ponies in Kentucky, she went to France and then to grad school and has landed, inevitably, in New Orleans. Now she is a filthy information peddler. If you besmirch Appalachia or the Marquis de Lafayette to her face, she will cut you.


You’ll put your eye out.

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You can find me on Twitter @genaverse. Same for Tumblr.