The YWCA Pool

Ten years ago this summer I quit my job to go back to school. There was a YWCA pool behind the office at that job, and for a time, my office window overlooked it. Every day for three years (except in winter) I had to watch kids splashing, playing, having fun while I sat in a cube and coded. On my last day at the job, I packed a bathing suit. I was going to go swim in that #$%@#$% pool after work when I was free. Finally. But I didn’t, because the pool was unexpectedly closed that day and for some lengthy period after. I actually don’t think it ever reopened, and it’s long-gone now. The place is pretty much overgrown with weeds from what Google maps shows me. There’s a lesson there. I’m not entirely sure what it is.


2 responses to “The YWCA Pool

  1. The lesson was they closed the pool due to some gross infection and you lived to see another day. Stay away from kid/pee pools, says The Universe.

  2. Some stories feel more like koans to reflect on, rather than definitive lessons.

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