I’ll Rochambeau Ya For It Part 2a: Mea culpa

It has come to my attention that my last installment in this series may have made it sound like I meant to encourage visitors to sneak into Colonial Williamsburg without paying admission. This is certainly not the case. The actors involved in the Revolutionary City performances (and all day long, really) are amazing. Pay them! The only problem is that, if you’re only there for a half-day or less as I was, you can’t see them all plus the buildings and the museum. So, if you’re pinched for cash and you think there’s a chance you might go back, save your money until then, walk the streets for the experience, and buy a ticket to the evening events if you have time. The evening events are cheaper and perfect for late arrivals.

As for me, I have no idea when or if I will ever make it back, and I didn’t want to die without seeing it proper, so I bit the bullet. I just wish I’d been able to spend more time!

Now, here: Have a sneak preview of part three:

Washington Rochambeau Encampment Reenactment 2011 - Opening


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