Venise Vivaldi Versailles

I don’t remember this sort of thing happening at Versailles when I was in France, but then again I was only in Versailles for about six hours…

This past Friday night, the Chateau de Versailles threw a huge Venetian Festival complete with wigs, costumes, and craziness. There’s a video of it here.

Even if you don’t care to watch the video and fantasize that you’re living in the 17th or 18th centuries, it’s worth visiting the site linked above just to take a look at I love the site design – perfect for my undiagnosed ADD brothers and sisters.

I was particularly touched by this video of the immensely long-running performances at Paris’s Theatre de la Huchette.

(For the non-Francophones, it’s a piece on a theater that has been performing the same play by Ionesco for five decades in exactly that spot, as far as I understand it, and having been there, I believe it.)

It’s an odd little place (emphasis on ‘little’) nestled into a corner of a tiny street in what I still believe must surely be the most heavily traveled tourist spot in all of Paris in a little pinch of the Latin Quarter not far from Notre Dame. Even from the street, this nook just feels like an odd place. As a passerby, I knew nothing, but I could just feel there was history there. For better or for worse, some things in life do last (at least for a long while).


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