Lately I’ve gone to a few BarCamps on various topics, and I’ve been wondering how such a thing could be bent toward writers. Here’s what I envision: a handful of writers; a weekend; almost completely spontaneous,;”panels” created and scheduled on the fly; probably some writing sprints, readings, and critiques interspersed therein; some all-out writing sessions; and, at some point during the weekend, NERD DANCE PARTY. LIGHTSWITCH RAVE.

As the THATCamp campers are fond of saying, “more hack, less yack.” This would be an active thing: a lot less sitting around talking about writing than you’d usually find at this sort of thing, and a lot more active writing, critiquing, editing, rewriting, and maybe even actual querying and sending out.

Format probably isn’t terribly important. If you’re like me, the hardest thing is probably just getting settled in to write and/or do something with it afterward. I’m sure we’re all agile enough to apply our expertise to nonfiction, novels, short stories, poetry, Gonzo journalism, or whatever might come out of your twisted writerly mind.

Thoughts? What would you want to see and do at this sort of event? Be careful – you may be called upon to actually do it!

ETA: Apparently somebody’s already doing something like this in Milwaukee. And this weekend, even! What are the odds? Take a gander. The event I had in mind would probably have more actual writing and a little less talking about it, but there are some great ideas over there.


One response to “WriteCamp

  1. You want WriteCamp? You got it. WriteCamp Milwaukee has been going on for three years running (June 4, 2011 is our 3rd one). I would be more than happy to help you plan yours if that’s what you’re looking for. There was also a Writers BarCamp in Bryant, Texas about two years ago that was relatively successful. Believe me, for a group of people who is used to structured conventions, writers are a surprisingly adaptable bunch of folks when it comes to *Camps. This year we hope to have around 200 people. So let me know if you want some tips, guidance, advice, whatever. I’m there.

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