“It’s four peepol like you dat keep it turned onnn”

So, I bought a used copy of the Le Roi soleil soundtrack on Amazon. Because I am sad and an embarrassment to humanity.


Apparently some of these same people (or at least Merwan Rim) are touring another one of these rock operas on the life of Mozart. It looks like a complete train wreck. I must own it.

Oh Emmanuel Moire, you are so pretty. But you are never, never, ever allowed to sing in English again.

It’s so obvious that neither one of these people has any idea what the words they’re singing actually mean. The inflection’s all over the board, and the pronunciation is comical. Kind of strange, seeing as how it’s Elton John. I thought everyone worldwide knew all the words to Elton John. 😛

I must write a French rock opera. I must. I need to find a completely, COMPLETELY incompatible topic. Then put it to a lame pop-hip-hop beat with lots of synthesizers and AutoTune. IT WILL BE GLORIOUS.


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