Skating where the puck is going to be

In which Kevin Smith tells a room full of people waiting to bid on Red State at Sundance, “Screw you, I’ma distribute it myself and keep alllllllll the money.”

(Well, it can’t be fuuuulllllll of people waiting to bid on it – plenty of people laughing and clapping – but enough people are moaning about it that you’d think they were all there.)

I love it – I love hearing about it. I love it how he brings up the original ways that films got sold historically. Because I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. When I finish this novel (and I will finish it – the kidding about not finishing it is the spur that keeps me scribbling on it on lunch breaks and the minutes when I can get away doing stuff for classes), I’ve been thinking about what to do with it that will make me happiest and maybe earn me a penny or two on the side. I can’t decide. This is all presuming that it would be GOOD enough for someone else to want to read, and I’m not really worried about that. The Internet has shown me that, no matter how bad it is, you can always find one or two sad sap that will think it’s the best thing ever. See also every fanfic ever written (even – ESPECIALLY – the worst ones). And that’s probably enough for me. 😛

I’ve been thinking about the ideas of Internet communities I’ve had for years… nay, Internet (and In-Person) COLLECTIVES, of all the creative weirdos I know. I’ve been making plans and even putting some of them in motion about how to get things going once I get this grad school saddle off my back. Seeing and hearing something like this – about how you don’t have to make billions, you just have to make enough – is just the sort of kick in the pants I need to hear at least once a week. It keeps me fighting the bit, leaning on the bridle, and ready to bolt the minute I can find an opening.

So, Godspeed, Kevin. I really hope this works. For you and for all of us.


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